Bespoke Three Piece Suit

Bespoke Three Piece Suit


Have you ever seen a guy wearing a suit that didn’t fit properly?

The shape is off and the guy looks totally uncomfortable. He’s pulling on his sleeves adjusting the arms that keep sliding up and patting his belly uncomfortably as he notices the tightness around his waist. Is it the fact that he hasn’t been coming up with his gym routine or is it the off-the-shelf jacket?

Don’t be that guy.

At Robert Hardy we will have you fitted out in a suit that will fit perfectly.

And all of this in only 3 weeks from measurement to delivery!

All of this, for the same price as a suit off the rack.

The three-piece suit is the ideal for more formal events, such as weddings and black-tie events, or just if you really want to blow people away at the office.

Book your fitting now and we will off-set the fitting fee against the final suit fee.



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